About Royalty-Free Music

Royalty free music, also known as stock music, is music readily available on the internet. For a small fee you can use a particular piece of music forever. For many people this may be sufficient for their needs. It certainly is a cheap alternative.

There are many downsides to these services. As you might expect, there is a reason why you are securing these licenses so inexpensively. It is because not only will you be using this music but so too will everyone else and their brother-in-law. That's why they call it stock music. You can probably find a nice picture in a furniture store to hang over your sofa for not a lot of money. Chances are pretty good though, that you may see the same painting in your doctor's office.

At Jack Attack Tracks we offer affordable, custom sounding music to our clients. Music that will make your project sound unique and innovative. Our music is recorded in our state-of-the-art studio, Thirteen Degrees, with the world's finest musicians, singers, and engineers. Every piece of music we produce has the unmistakable human touch that is so hard to find in cookie-cutter music services.

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